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*Re_Ni_taA*!!!!!!!!!! [entries|friends|calendar]
R e N i T a !!!!!!

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[ Sunday ♥]
[ mood | irate ]

im so tired of my mother always over protective she never gives me a chance no matter wat i do im always doin somthing wrong..to her every thing that comes out my mouth is lies lies lies... i have no celly so don't call it need number plz comment wit ur celly/ house plz .....when will it change!!!


[ Wednesday ♥]
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comment if you wanna b added
5* ♥'s*Chad*

[ Tuesday ♥]
Dance the night away by karchan85
What you Look like
The MusicRap
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1* ♥'s*Chad*

[ Sunday ♥]
Sorry i haven't been on livejournal alot i have beeen busy i can't belive only $ days left of school im gonna misss every one so freacking much :`( tear wow well make sure you guys keep in touch alright send me pictures of you guys alright!!!

321-262-3035 _Cell
407-323-1520 _HOme

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